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The Brentwood Diet, take two: 35 pounds of fat lost in 7 weeks!

         After 25 pounds lost.                                    My "before" photo.
         Taken June 7, 2016, ~255 lbs.                   Taken May 14, 2016, 280 lbs.
The Brentwood Diet 

After having enormous success on the Brentwood Diet, and even running a marathon a few years ago, I got off the diet and gained all the weight back. Part of my eating (and drinking) was a response to losing my son, Dylan, to brain cancer. My ailments are the same as before (see below for a link to my "take one" page), and now also include loss of hair on my legs and (diabetic?) nerve pain in my feet.

Now I'm ready to pull myself together and get back into "battle mode" as my diet doctor, Dr. Eric Mizrahi, puts it. I probably won't write as much here as I did before (see link below), I mostly just want to track my progress and be accountable to my social network. Please read my previous experience to see how contrarian and counterintuitive the diet is, and yet how quickly and safely I lost the weight.

I'll be updating the spreadsheet below every week (starting with my first weigh-in on May 13, 2016), and I've also scanned and uploaded the one-page diet and Ten Commandments to Eat By. The main change from the original is that grass-fed beef is now allowed as well, and dinner must be eaten by 7 pm, not 6 pm as before. He also adds a link to this page for other patients to be inspired by.

On my first visit back with Dr. Mizrahi, we discussed old times, and how we were going to approach the diet this time. Having been through the worst grief a parent can go through, I feel like it's time to reclaim my being. Dr. Mizrahi was even one of our speaker's at Dylan's memorial, three years ago: he meant that much to our family.

Since I went off the diet, Dr. Mizrahi has written a book on the diet and secured an agent, but it's all on hold until he can build a "platform," which means an online following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Being well-versed in these things, I have pledged to help him however I can, starting with my knowledge of YouTube from having worked at a video analytics firm for a couple of years. See below for our first broadcast!


July 8, 2016: Lost all that water and then some. Seemed to gain fat, but I don't know why.

July 1, 2016: Gained a lot of body water while on vacation celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in Catalina. Have lost 35 pounds of fat, though.

June 5, 2016: I'm building out a YouTube channel for the doctor and the diet. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, ETC. here.

June 3, 2016: 25 pounds of fat lost! 23 pounds overall, gained some water weight back, but that's OK for now, as long as the fat keeps melting away! I recorded a half hour of video with the doctor about the main points of the diet. We will also make some "deep dives" into about 20-25 other topics during the coming weeks. I'll be posting his YouTube channel next week.

May 27, 2016: Continued progress this week, losing more water than fat, but I'll take it. I've lost 17 pounds so far, and spent an hour talking to the doctor (when normally you're lucky to get a few minutes with any physician these days) talking in great depth about Dylan, my loss, but also what I should be grateful for in the generosity he gave all, especially me, in his short life. Not too much more to say this week, on to next week!

May 20, 2016: I had my second weigh-in and lost 9.5 pounds in the first week of being back on the diet. I compared my scale at home with the doctor's and they are only a half pound off from each other. I weighed in during the afternoon, whereas my weigh-in last week was in the morning, so this morning, I had lost a total of 14 pounds instead of 9.5, but next week and subsequent weeks I'll be weighing in during the afternoon to compare apples to apples, so to speak. 

The week wasn't hard for me at all. Like riding a bike, as they say, I just got right back on after all this time off. I had a day or two of headaches and dizziness, but was in ketosis by day 3, according to the keto-strips. The doctor wasn't concerned about 14 versus 9 pounds, as long as it's not stagnating, he's pleased, so next week, I should have a really good weigh-in.

I fashioned a list of about 30 topics/questions I'm going to be covering with him on a new YouTube channel. I'll be listing those once he's approved of them and will welcome any additional questions you all may have. Stay tuned!

My spreadsheet below has been updated with the latest statistics....

The Brentwood Diet, take one

Please see this page on the Wayback Machine archive for my previous experience with the Brentwood diet a few years ago, including photos and my in-depth thoughts:

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If this page has not answered all your questions about the Brentwood Diet, or if you would like to share your own experiences on the diet with me, or have anything else to say, please feel free to contact me here.

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