Eric David

Eric David's experience includes many different areas in the entertainment, internet, and advertising industries. He has also been an independent website designer/developer for both companies and individuals, as well as a published writer. Eric is known for his communication skills, innovative ideas, calm in the storm, and sharp wit.

Pandemic Update

The COVD-19 pandemic brought some changes to Eric's approach to work ... and life.

Adoption reunion

An adoptee, Eric recently found and reunited with his biological mother. He was recently interviewed about his story on the podcast Adoption: The Making of Me; his episode dropped on December 14, 2021. Also available to view on The Making of Me Podcast's YouTube here.

Online Film Series Curation

Drawing on his film school degree as well as his experience in social media and online publishing, Eric has run two virtual film series during the pandemic:

This popular series about film, history, religion and criticism will be "resurrected" in 2022.

Eric has previously run film series in person in various venues, usually dealing with religion in some way, not just pious, faith-based films, but also those critical of religion. The pandemic both afforded ample content as many films moved to streaming online that would have been DVD-only before, and afforded Eric an opportunity to explore each film and relevant social commentary in great depth.

COVID-19 Data Analyses

Using his experience in data analysis, he also created two Google Sheets to help track the pandemic itself, both in comparison to other causes of death in the U.S. and globally, as well as tracking cases of COVID-19 in his local community (since the county did not supply this info at the zip code level):

Prior Work Experience

Visit Eric's LinkedIn for a thorough C.V.

Previously, Eric has been Director of Advertising Operations at Atom Tickets, Senior Manager of Software Solutions at Lieberman Research Worldwide, and has worked at Tubular Labs', MySpace's, Netflix's, Entertainment Weekly's and Infoseek's advertising sales operations forces. Eric also worked for Participant Media/ as both a Project Manager and Account Manager on their social action campaign website for the film CONTAGION.

Web Design and Development

Eric still maintains websites from his former web development company, including Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Miles.


An excellent communicator, Eric has written for many companies and publications as a freelance writer. Most interestingly, he worked as a screenwriter on a film project about civil rights with the late Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.


Eric has lectured publicly on a variety of subjects, most notably the use Shakespeare made of the Bible, the influence of the famed Inklings group on culture, how films can be interpreted in the light of theology, and the history of Jesus' representation in film at the Getty Center.

Personal Life and Education

Family Man

Eric lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jana, who is an Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist and Personal Trainer. Their son, Chandler, was recently graduated from Emerson College, majoring in Theater Performance. Another son, Dylan, died of brain cancer on May 22, 2013 at age 10 (4 days short of his 11th birthday).


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